About Food Detail

FoodDetail is a comprehensive database of all edible food items. Our comprehensive database of nutrition facts and health benefits of each food is backed by scientific research and their findings. Our team comprises nutrition experts, physicians, and biochemists who verify every piece of information before publishing.

FoodDetail is a Food and Nutrition site brought by the team Edusanjal, who has been running edusanjal.com, an Education website, for the past 12 years.

Tankeshwar Acharya, an Asst Professor of Microbiology, heads the content management team. He has successfully run a blog, microbeonline.com, which gets 5 million visits annually.

Prof. Dr. Shreekrishna Maharjan, a 2-post Doc holder from New York Medical College and University of Toledo Medical Center, is an associate professor at Patan Academy of Health Sciences and is involved in teaching and research in clinical biochemistry is the head of the medical review broad.

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Ashma Shrestha is a project coordinator who coordinates a team of part-time authors of various specializations such as medicine, biology, food & nutrition, and food technology to produce applicable content to serve our readers. Diksha Koirala, a graduate of Food Technology and a foodie; who likes preparing and consuming healthy foods, is helping her as a content assistant.